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About us


We are a youth organization, bringing together people with liberal views, both economic and ideological.

We promote libertarian values, we support the free market and capitalism, and we are definitely pro-European, open minorities and multiculturalism. We believe that the liberal Poland of the future should provide everyone with the widest possible opportunity to decide about themselves and their lives and every aspect of it.

We have organized and regularly organize many national campaigns that attract the attention of the media and the public. Only through activity and action for a modern state will we ensure a better future. If you share our liberal values, join us! Only together will we build a liberal, European, progressive Poland!

Our history




The Młodzi Nowocześni Association (previously Forum Młodych Nowoczesnych) was established during the founding congress on June 11, 2016, in Warsaw. Adam Kądziela was the first president of Nowoczesna Youth from 2016 to 2018. The initial activities of Nowoczesna Youth were based primarily on cooperation with MPs, supporting the activities of the Nowoczesna party, as well as encouraging young people from all over Poland to be politically active.

One of the most significant actions organized by Nowoczesna Youth in the first years of its existence was "Misiewicze", an initiative consisting in creating a list of people who got their positions due to their political connections, such as the then spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, Bartłomiej Misiewicz.

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National Board


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Aleksanda Kot


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Szymon Bednarczyk

Secretary General

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Alicja Jakimko


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Adrian Niewiadomski


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Mateusz Gwóźdź


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Every well-functioning organization has internal control instruments.

In our association, this function is performed by the audit committee. Its duties include, among others, issuing opinions on financial information and granting discharge to the national management board for its financial management. Its members are elected for a two-year term by the National Council.

Audit Committee


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We represent the association abroad.
You can find information about us

International Committee


The internal affairs bureau is the administrative heart of the association. This is where the central membership register is kept and all documentation are created. The Bureau is also responsible for conducting internal elections.

Internal Affairs Bureau
Regional structures


We are all over Poland!

The capitals of the provinces in which we operate are marked on the map.

Click on "Fanpage regionu" to  visit fanpage of the district you are interested in.

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