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National Council 

In November 2022, the National Council of Nowoczesna was held, during which a new, updated program of the party was presented and adopted.


Freedom, Europe and entrepreneurship - these are our most important values!

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We were present at the Nowoczesna Congress in April 2022.


During the first day of the Congress, we met with the co-chairs of ALDE, Ilhan Kyuchyuk and Timmy Dooley. The next day, we participated in the election of the Nowoczesna Chairperson and the election of the Nowoczesna National Council, which included also the members of the Nowoczesna Youth.


Adam Szłapka has become the leader of Nowoczesna.



Christmas Party 

At the end of a very busy and active year 2021, we organized a Christmas Party for the recently established National Council of our association. The event was graced with the presence of the Nowoczesna party. There was no shortage of fun with Secret Santa - mutual gifts were presented by the party's leader Adam Szłapka himself, dressed in the costume of St. Nicholas. Karaoke could not be missing.

The Freedom Games 

The Freedom Games is a famous, annual event in Łódź that gathers liberals from all over the world. During the edition in 2021, the President of the Nowoczesna Youth, Andrzej Prendke, appeared in the panel "Young liberals - what kind of Poland do they want?".

Polska Przyszłości 2021

The first edition of Campus Polska Przyszłość took place in 2021. Over 50 members of Nowoczesna Youth qualified for the event. We were participants but also volunteers.