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Join the most active youth political organization in Poland.

Powody, by dołączyć
Find out why you should join us

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 Here are some reasons why you should work with us:     


to your destination

Our main concern is to increase the activity of young people in social life. If you've always dreamed of getting politically involved, participating in national actions, press conferences, debates and panels, now is your chance!


It's probably already been stressed enough, but we'll repeat it once again – above all we value activity. That is why our priority is to develop a safe environment providing  fertile soil for passion and willingness to act.


So, if you're creative and a team player, you've come to the right place. Share your ideas with your friends from the municipal branch, and they will certainly help you turn your vision into results.


Success is a process that starts in the right environment!

An ideal candidate... 

...a perfect match

See if you can join us!

Tell us..
Have we just
described you?

You are 13 years or older

and you have Polish citizenship.

You value


and economic freedom

You know that love is love

You see Poland's future

in the European Union

You a person

of action!

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